As of December 2015, BiblioTech has partnered with the libraries of Joint Base San Antonio to provide all-digital library’s services to local military families stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Randolph and Lackland. Read the full press release.


To qualify for BiblioTech library access you must fall under one of the following:

Get a BiblioTech Card

In order to take advantage of these digital resources, you must register for a BiblioTech library card (this is separate from your JBSA library card).


Featured Digital Resources

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Contact JBSA Libraries

To learn more about the BiblioTech services offered at JBSA, including classes, e-readers, and digital content, please visit or call the library on your base:

Joint Base San Antonio Libraries

Keith A. Campbell Memorial Library
(Fort Sam Houston)

3011 Harney Rd #29
San Antonio, TX 78234

(210) 221-4702

Lackland Library

1930 George Ave
San Antonio, TX 78236

(210) 671-2673

Randolph Library

5th St. E #598
JBSA Randolph, TX 78235

(210) 652-5578

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Bring all questions regarding misplaced BiblioTech barcode/passwords and issues with resources/apps to BiblioTech.

Live Chat: Monday-Friday 12pm-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

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