Upcoming Events

Oct 1 2023 - 12:00pm
Be sure to follow our Instagram @bexarbibliotech_east to join our Technical Center Assistant virtually as they read a story to our patrons.
Oct 3 2023 - 4:00pm
Get crafty with the Cricut! Learn how to use the Cricut while doing fun projects! For more information, call 210.631.0190.
Oct 3 2023 - 4:30pm
Join BiblioTech EDU for Table Top Tuesdays every other Tuesday at 4:30PM 
Oct 4 2023 (All day)
Tune in to our Instagram @bexarbibliotech_east to learn about basic plant care tips for indoor and outdoor plants and about plant physiology.
Oct 4 2023 - 3:00pm
Each week we will focus on a differnt person/season/events and roatate with cutouts and coloring pages. Packets will be provided for patrons to grab and go to take home and decorate as they see fit. Packets may include crayons, color pencils, markers and water colors. 
Oct 4 2023 - 4:00pm
Join BiblioTech West for storytime and an activity to follow. For more information, call 210.631.0190.
Oct 4 2023 - 4:00pm
Learn about banned books from various countries around the world with particular emphasis on books banned by the governments of those countries and the impact these literary works had on the lives of the author/society. Every week a new book will be highlighted on social media with every other book... more
Oct 5 2023 - 4:30pm
Come and create! Learn about origami and see how a piece of paper can take many different forms here at BiblioTech EDU.
Oct 5 2023 - 4:30pm
Join us at Twitch.tv/bibliotech_west for video game fun while exploring the storylines!  For more information, call 210.631.0190.
Oct 6 2023 - 4:30pm
In this series of programs, we will be covering many basic computer knowledge that is becoming more and more a must in order to interact with technology.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Time Items
All day
Aug 24 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm