Room Reservations

BiblioTech features different rooms that can be reserved by our users.

Community Room Use

BiblioTech South and BiblioTech East have Community Rooms that can be reserved for groups of 10-40 people. To reserve these rooms, you must fill out the Community Room Application, which requires that you agree to our official Community Use Policies, at least a week in advance, and no more than 90 days in advance.

Study Room Use

We have study rooms at all of our branch locations that can be reserved through our Room Booking page.

If you have questions, please call us!

  • BiblioTech South: 210-631-0180
  • BiblioTech West: 210-631-0190
  • BiblioTech East: 210-631-0230

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.