Are you new to Bexar County's all-digital public library? We have step-by-step instructions below to help you get started!

If you have a specific question we don't address here, be sure to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


There are two ways to get a BiblioTech card.

  1. Online
    • Fill out the information we require online, verifying that you are a Bexar County resident, employee of Bexar County or property owner in Bexar County
    • Write down the PACREG barcode number that appears after you press SUBMIT
    • Start borrowing immediately using that information!
  2. In Person
    • ​​​​​​​Visit one of our branch locations with your valid ID
    • Talk with one of our Technical Assistants
    • Get a physical card and a password, which you can use to start borrowing immediately!

Either way you choose to register, you will have access to all of our online resources immediately.


I have a card. What now?

Once you have your BiblioTech library card number and password/pin, you are ready to explore our collections.

  • cloudLibrary for our downloadable ebook and audiobook collection

    • Enter your card number and password to log in, then check out up to 5 items at a time.
    • There are also cloudLibrary apps for Android, Apple, Kindle Fire or Windows 
  • PressReader for newspapers including the Washington Post and many international publications

    • Click Sign In and then select Library & Group; search for BiblioTech and then enter your card number and password.
  • RBdigital for downloadable magazines, including Texas Monthly

You can also check out our Active Learning Platforms or stop by our branches for more information or to participate in our wonderful programming.