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BiblioTech Outreach Team

BiblioTech Outreach

As a non-traditional library, we understand that there may be a technology learning curve. This is why we offer personalized training of our services. Training may include group presentations, one-on-one technology training, and information table presentations. We tailor our presentations to each audience, ranging from 3rd grade elementary to senior citizens, parent groups to the Rotary Club, and large community events to small neighborhood meetings.

School Engagement

Part of BiblioTech’s mission is to use technology to enhance student education and literacy. What better way to engage students than right in their classroom? Our outreach team travels throughout Bexar County offering engaging presentations to students, parents, and educators, as well as coordinating school-wide library card drives. Help us spread the word about BiblioTech and put a library card in the hand of every student in Bexar County.

Community Engagement

We at BiblioTech are working to build a strong presence throughout Bexar County. We participate at festivals, conferences, town hall meetings and other community events. Are you planning an event and want to see BiblioTech represented? Check out our policies and procedures below then visit to schedule a presentation today!

Scheduling an event

  1. Go to
  2. Select the event type (descriptions below)
  3. Select a staff member (you may select all staff if you are unsure)
  4. Click "next" and our schedule will appear
  5. Select a date and time
  6. Fill out the information form
  7. Your event request will be reviewed by staff and you will be notified via email if approved


If you need to cancel a presentation or event, please provide a (7) day notice prior to the scheduled event whenever possible. The initial contact email will provide you a link to cancel your event. To schedule an alternate date log back in to with your login credentials. Please keep in mind that availability for events is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Types of Events

Consultation – 1.5 hours

This meeting will introduce BiblioTech and our services, while allowing us to discuss the best methods on how we can present our resources to your organization/school.

Multiple Same-Day Presentations

Presentation of BiblioTech services for all students enrolled in the school (3rd and up). Students will get an overview of services offered, how to register for a library card (if they haven't already) and how their school is working with BiblioTech. Each presentation will last approximately 30- 45 minutes.

BiblioTech Presentation – 1 hour or as needed

The BiblioTech Outreach Team serves all of Bexar County and will be happy to present at your school, event, meeting, or via remote Zoom presentation. We will talk about the services we offer and provide information on how to register for a BiblioTech library card. In person minimum group size – 20. Zoom presentation minimum group size - 10 to 15.