Computer and Internet Use Policies

BiblioTech Public Library provides internet access as a means to enhance the information and learning opportunities for the citizens of Bexar County. The Library has established this policy to ensure appropriate and effective use of BiblioTech resources. It is not within the purview of the Library to monitor access to or content of any resources for any segment of the population. BiblioTech reserves the right to intervene when activities on a Library or personal device cause a disruption to library users or a complaint is received. We will call police when such activities violate local, state or federal laws.

Viewing child pornography is illegal and subject to federal and state prosecution.

BiblioTech policies, including the code of conduct, public computer use policies and internet policies, apply to guest users as well as library card holders. Users should be aware that the inappropriate use of electronic information resources can be a violation of local, state and federal laws and can lead to prosecution. The user will be held responsible for his/her actions using the Internet. Users are expected to abide by the policies below, which include generally accepted rules of network etiquette. The BiblioTech internet has a web filtering system to block access to sites that may be deemed inappropriate in a public location.

Users will be able to accept or deny compliance with this policy upon opening a web browser on either a library device or their personal computer when connecting to BiblioTech wireless. If the patron does not accept, he/she will be prohibited from using the internet services at BiblioTech. Users may still have access to the offline applications on the public computers, ex: Microsoft Word, if they have agreed to the Computer Use Policy which appears when logging onto a BiblioTech device.

All library resources are property of Bexar County unless otherwise indicated.


The term “computers” may refer to, and includes, hardware and associated peripheral equipment such as tablets, laptops, eReaders, desktops, printers, scanners, zip drives or any other equipment that may be attached to a computer or to the network.

Children Under 16

Access to the Internet is available to all patrons; however, this service may be restricted at any time for use not consistent with BiblioTech guidelines. Parents of children under 16 years of age assume responsibility for their children's use of the library's Internet service by signing their child's library membership registration.


Users access the library computer hardware, software and documentation at their own risk. BiblioTech is not responsible for equipment malfunction, loss of data, any damages to the user's disks, data etc. or electronic transactions of any type which are related to the public use of library computer resources. BiblioTech is also not to be held responsible for personal items lost or stolen in the library or outside of the library space. This includes items owned by the patron or currently being leased by the patron from BiblioTech. For this reason, we ask that you keep within sight of your personal belongings as well as library devices after they have been checked-out in your name.

Public Use Machines

All devices that are available for in-library use, including desktops, tablets and laptops, are available to library card users for 60 minutes per session.


Upon log-in, users will be asked to read and accept all BiblioTech policies. Access to either the public computers or the internet will be denied unless the rules and regulations stated in the policies are accepted. All users must sign-in electronically before using a public computer. This will either place the user on a waiting/reserve list or allow them to begin their computer session. Some computers may not be available for public use if otherwise reserved for use by a BiblioTech class. At the end of the initial 60 minute session, public computer users will be able to submit their name to an electronic waiting list. If there are no other users on the waiting list, after signing-in, users will be allowed access for an additional 60 minutes.

Laptops and Tablets

Laptops and Tablets are available for in-library use. Upon log-in, users will be asked to read and accept all BiblioTech policies. Access to either the device or the internet will be denied unless the rules and regulations stated in the policies are accepted. Tablet or laptop users may be able to renew their session for an additional 60 minutes or add their names to a device check-out waiting list at the circulation desk. The public computers will automatically shut down 5 minutes prior to the closing of the BiblioTech, even if time is left on a patron’s computer session. Patrons will see a pop-up notification on their computer screen 10 minutes prior to shut down (15 minutes before the building closes). The laptops and tablets should be returned 5 minutes prior to closing.

Wireless Internet

Internet access is available to non-members through two ways:

  • Wireless internet access is available to those that have their own electronic devices.
  • Guest access is available on the public desktops for up to 60 minutes. Guests can receive login information at the circulation desk.

Prior to accessing the internet, those using the wireless internet will be automatically asked to read and accept all BiblioTech policies. Access to the wireless internet will be denied unless the rules and regulations stated in the policies are accepted.

Confidentiality and Privacy

BiblioTech follows state and federal law regarding privacy of library users' records and information.

The library does not, as part of its regular practice, retain any data, including websites visited, passwords, credit card numbers, or any other information a customer has entered.

It is the Library's usual practice to erase all customer use records, except those essential for library business operations. The Library will release records, including those relating to Internet usage, only as required by law.

Digital Citizenship Rules and Responsibilities

Use of BiblioTech's equipment for the transmission, dissemination, and/or duplication of information must comply with federal and state laws. BiblioTech expects all users to comply with such laws, including but not limited to those related to copyright, computer hacking, and child pornography. Computer users will also refrain from any activity that unreasonably interferes with BiblioTech patron/staff comfort, safety, use or quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the library, including but not limited to:

  • Harassment of other users or violation of their privacy;
  • Libeling, slandering or maliciously offending other users;
  • Violation of copyright laws or software licensing agreements;
  • Attempting to crash, degrade performance or gain unauthorized access to BiblioTech's or to other computer systems and networks;
  • Damaging equipment, software or data belonging to BiblioTech or other users;
  • Making any loud or unreasonable noise, or other disturbance, including disruptive use of personal entertainment devices;
  • Tampering with filtering or software;
  • Using the library card number of another person, including a relative, to access the computer system;
  • Hacking into the computer systems;
  • Manipulating BiblioTech computer systems to override established time limits;
  • Refusing to leave a computer after being suspended from computers, or continuing to create a disturbance while using BiblioTech equipment.

Violations may result in the loss of Internet and/or library privileges. Illegal use of the computers also may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.