Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Elizabeth D.

Did you know?

All Bexar County residents and those educators that work in the area or students that go to school in the county can get a library card, but did you know that babies can get one too?

Well, they can!

Bexar Bibliotech Public Library allows their patrons to not only get a library card for themselves and their children, but babies and toddlers are able to get a library card as well! 

Age is no limit at Bibliotech!

This is not always the case at other library locations, but because all of our resources are available online, Bibliotech encourages their patrons of all ages to register. 

So parents, make sure to register all of your kiddos! 

The more library cards you sign up for in your family, the more ebooks, audiobooks, movies, etc. you'll be able to checkout.


To sign up just go to our homepage at Or click here:

Note: If you are not a resident of Bexar County, but go to school or work in the county, just add your school or work address instead. Then select "Register for Bibliotech" at the top of the webpage.

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