Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Want to get your writing out there, but not sure how?

Self-publish your work as an ebook on Biblioboard!

What's Biblioboard you might ask? Well, if you're interested in uploading your writings, music, documentaries, or any digital collection you're interested in getting noticed on a global scale through libraries, then you might want to checkout Biblioboard!

"Thanks to your library, you can now create, edit, format and generate print-ready and eBook formats for your book—no matter how far along it may be." - Biblioboard

To publish your work, you can submit your writings by going to Biblioboard's homepage, scroll down all the way to the bottom of the homepage, and select "Create an ebook".  (Note: You'll see "Create an ebook" in very small blue print under "Indie Author Project".)

From there you can start writing or uploading your work in a very easy to use format. (If you're familiar with Wattpad, then you'll be able to navigate very easily.)

Bibliotech strives to help local artists to not only utlize their resources, but to help them succeed in their dreams and Biblioboard is just one of many of their resources used to help promote just that. So don't miss out!


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