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Celebrate Muertos Fest with BiblioTech Public Library!

Article Date
October 26, 2022

Come celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with BiblioTech!

With Dia De Los Muertos almost upon us, some may wonder.....

What is this facinating holiday?

Here are 5 fun facts you should know:

Fun fact #1: This holiday is all about remembering loved ones that have passed on.

Fun fact #2: It originated in Mexico & Central America.

Fun fact #3: Pictures of the deceased, items that belonged to them & favorite foods are placed on an ofrenda, serving as a reminder of their lives.

Fun fact #4: A flower called, cempasúchil, is often placed on ofrendas. It is used to help spirits find their way home.

Fun fact #5: Besides flowers, other unique items can be found on ofrendas like butterflies & skulls which have their own symbolism. Monarch butterflies are believed to hold the spirits of the dead, while skulls are whimsical reminders of the circle of life, which is why they are brightly decorated.

Want to learn more??

Come celebreate the 10th annual Dia De Los Muertos with BiblioTech Public Library on 10-29 and 10-30-22 at Hemisfair!

We will be handing out free resources, setting up fun games, and giving out SWAG!

Hope to see you there!

And if you need to checkout out our free resources now, feel free to drop by our webpage at to learn more about this holiday. We have CloudlibraryHooplaKanopy, and, our newly added resource, MasterClass.


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