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Friday, July 31, 2020

Take advantage of free coding classes offered by the Spurs Give in August! In these virtual classes, students will learn to code a new game, Coyote Coding Camp: Dunk Contest, with the help of Youth Code Jam. The online course will help students learn and advance in their computer skills ahead of the start of the new school year. Students can register now for free at spursgive.org/coding.

The three-week course, available in both English and Spanish for children ages five-and-up, will guide students through introductory computer coding. The course, led by Youth Code Jam computer programmers and using MIT’s Scratch, teaches students how to create and code their own dunk contest with the Spurs Coyote. Students will explore loops, variables and conditionals as they program the Coyote’s dunking contest on the Spurs’ home-court.

BiblioTech Public Library offers families the ability to check out free wifi hotspots, as well as free Kindle Fire tablets, so that students can participate in this camp! To reserve your hotspot or tablet today, please just call one of our branch locations. BiblioTech also offers many supplemental coding resources, from ebooks to Treehouse courses.

The Spurs Give coding sessions will kick off on Monday, Aug. 3 with a basic introduction to the game and will continue each week with new online coding lessons, live classes with coder peers and Youth Code Jam instructors, and offline computational thinking activities. Participating students who submit their final project by Friday, Aug. 21 will be entered for a chance to win Spurs merchandise and exclusive prizes.

Course Schedule:

  • Aug. 3-7: Lesson 1 - Basic Dunk Students will learn how to make the Coyote dribble and dunk from half-court while the crowd cheers.
  • Aug. 10-14: Lesson 2 - Adding Tricks & Making It Count Students can add sound effects and make the Coyote do front and back flips.
  • Aug. 17-21: Lesson 3 - Adventure Modes and Customizing Coyote will challenge students to be creative and customize their own dunk game

As we continue to reach technological peak, it has become increasingly important for students to become fluent in computer coding. The new online tool will provide introductory coding classes to children to help set them up for lifelong success meant to garner excitement at an early age. Children interested in taking the previous course and playing the Spurs Soap Bubble game can also sign up now at spursgive.org/coding.

About Spurs Give                                                                                            

We are a family - a team - passionate about sports. We are passionate about what sports can do for our community - especially our youth. At the heart of it, we believe sports can provide a family with a common goal, and a hope for a better future. We are Spurs Give - the official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of Spurs Sports & Entertainment. Since our founding in 1988, we have invested $28 million in our community. Through our players' passions, our grants, and our impact programs, we are changing lives and leaving a lasting impact. You give. We give. Spurs Give. 

About Youth Code Jam

Youth Code Jam is a San Antonio-based nonprofit that provides innovative, impactful and family-focused out of school time, hands-on computing programs for K-12 students as well as teacher professional development designed to bring computer science to all students.


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