Thursday, June 09, 2022

Ever wonder who your great, great, great, great grandmother or grandfather was? 

Ever wonder where your ancestors came from?

Or maybe you would like to know more about your family history all together?

BiblioTech Public Library offers Geneaology Resources to their patrons and all for free!

What is genealogy you might ask? Well, it is the study of and tracing of family history and lineage.

When someone decides to uncover more about themselves, it can lead to all sorts of new stories that were long forgotten.

You might just find a long lost relative from the 1800s. Findout out whether or not you have traces of Native American history. Or maybe even discover shocking secret stories that were always hidden by family.

To get started, visit, scroll down and under "Active Learning" select Geneaology Resources


From there, you will be redirected to our "Accessing the TexShare research databases" page. 

Scroll down and you will see:

"To access hundreds of additional databases, including those featuring genealogy, academic research and health information:

  1. Click here
  2. Select BiblioTech as your library using the "Select Your Library" link on the top right
  3. Use the password TX78205 "

Find the database you're interested.

For example BiblioTech has: Heritage Quest, Texas Reference Center, Fold3 Genealogy, and FamiySearch.

From one of these search words you will be able to start your research!

Tip: It helps to start with a name of the family member you are insterested in searching for. Be sure to jot down their birthday or death date, location of birth, and any other family member names you can write down.

 All of this and any other information you can get from family will greatly help in your search.

So get started today! And happy hunting!

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