Wednesday, November 24, 2021

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Family has arrived, the kitchen will be busy, and soon you'll be gathered around with the ones you love to give thanks!

What better way to make this holiday easier than to add BiblioTech Public Library to your resources for free recipes, cooking videos, and even entertainment?!

Don't have streaming services this year? We have Kanopy and Hoopla to help entertain the family!

Not sure what to make? Checkout our different cookbooks through Cloudlibrary and Hoopla!

Need to destress? Linkedin Learning and Hoopla have meditation videos and even destressing classes!

Here are 3 suggestions that we can offer if you're not sure what to pick:




1) - Through Cloudlibrary -

America's Test Kitchen Thanksgving Playbook by America's Test Kitchen 

If you need recipes, than checkout this book by America's Test Kitchen. From pies to turkey, this book just might have what your looking for.


2) - Through Hoopla - 

Thanksgiving with the Carters

In this movie, a family tries to find common ground with its newest members, as they honor their tradition of Thanksgiving surprise, where each person attempts to surprise the family with something unique and positive.


3) - Through Kanopy - 

Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey by the Great Courses

Watch this episode through the Great Courses on Kanopy, on how to cook the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving. To brine or not to brine? While there are pros and cons to both you'll learn Chef Kahlenberg's method of brining and cooking turkey, as well as creating delicious stuffing and cranberry sauce. With the chef's tips on prep and cook times, it will all come together exactly as you've always hoped.


So many ideas and so little time, but BiblioTech Public Library just might be able to help you this year. So be sure to browse through all of our app services for your holiday ideas.

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