Self-care is important
Friday, July 24, 2020

Self-care is important, which is why we celebrate International Self-Care Day today, 7/24. This date is significant, according to the International Self-Care Foundation, because it is meant to symbolize the importance and benefits of self-care 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This year, it may be more challenging to focus on self-care, while we are trying to social distance while caring for each other, but taking care of yourself, whatever that means to you, is still extremely valuable. Self-care is the foundation of healthcare, and helps us all live better, more fulfilling lives. Here at BiblioTech Public Library, we are proud to offer many different self-care resources. 

On cloudLibrary, for example, you can browse the Body, Mind, Spirit collection or the Self Help collection to see a vast array of popular ebooks and audiobooks on the topic.

On Hoopla, we have specialized self-care resource, such as the ebook Self-Care for Teachers or the audiobook Type 1 Diabetes Self-Care Manualbut we also feature many more general resources in our Self-Care collection. There are also many different resources on meditation on Hoopla, including some focused on children's meditation, and a fitness videos collection.

We have some amazing resources in the BiblioBoard Tools 2 Thrive collection, including 50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Stress at Work, which has many tips that can help with work from home anxiety, as well. BiblioBoard also has a great books for kids called The Skin You Live In, which can help parents and teachers discuss different social concepts and social acceptance.

Looking for more? Check out our Health & Fitness magazines on RBdigital, or Practicing Mindfulness, a video class offered by The Great Courses.

Beyond BiblioTech, there are so many resources for self-care online when you start looking. Today, the popular self-care podcast, The Daily Shine, featured a fascinating episode about the origins of self-care. It's Time, Texas offers tips for creating a self-care routine on a budget and Psychology Today features ways to take better care of yourself.

Do you have a great tips for self-care or great resources to offer? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!


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