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Introducing Pub Hub: Stress Relief Resources

Article Date
March 12, 2020

During this challenging time, we can all use some time away from the constant worry of pandemics and epidemics. To help with that, BiblioTech is going to begin a new themed reading journey, Pub Hub. Each week, we will post on our website, a curated collection of related material – e-books, e-audio books, both fiction and non-fiction, movies, music and other content designed specifically to address your needs for information and relaxation during the pandemic. We will have the opportunity to connect with one another through our Pub Hub Facebook group and share reactions to the week’s material, thoughts and suggestions about coping with COVID-19. We hope you will participate in what we hope will be a very helpful and unique opportunity for self-care and collaboration.

This is our first Pub Hub collection, and it is focused on Stress Relief. We can still be mindful of practicing good hygiene, but it is important to relieve our stress and anxieties and concentrate on our mental health. From eBooks and audiobooks to music and educational videos, BiblioTech grants you access to a wide variety of content to help you declutter and stay stress-free. 

eBooks, Audiobooks & Magazines

  • Check out our specially curated "Stress Relief" bookshelf on cloudLibrary. You can access it from your desktop/laptop or from your personal device. 
  • RBdigital offers amazing stress relief, decluttering, anxiety relief, meditation, and yoga audiobooks. RBdigital also offers thousands (Yes, thousands!) of magazines that range from education to pop culture to help you with mental clarity. 
  • And who can forget about Hoopla? Hoopla is your one-stop shop for ebooks, audiobooks, movies and music. We would like to highlight Hoopla's decluttering, mindfulness, DIY (do it yourself) content. 
  • Don't have time to read? Our resource offers the best summaries of the most important books, including amazing self-help titles like The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Authentic Happiness

Educational and Entertaining Movies & Music

Active Learning 

  • Universal Class is a go-to resource for educational courses online. Looking to learn more about different Crafts & Hobbies, Personal Development, Self-Help or Spiritual Studies? Then Universal Class is right for you. 
  • Maybe now is the time for you to learn a new language! With Mango Languages, you can learn over 70 languages from your desktop or personal device. Ever wanted to learn how to talk like a pirate? Or maybe you've always wanted to learn German? Mango Languages can teach you both.
  • Learn how to bake something new with BiblioBoard. 

Other Resources Around San Antonio and Online

In addition to BiblioTech's resources, check out these neat offerings.