Hoopla offers movies, music, comics and more
Thursday, May 07, 2020

Movies, just like books, give us a little escape from our every day lives. Who doesn't enjoy a good flick? Whether you are looking for a comedy or a drama, we have options for you to check out from Hoopla, one the free apps available from the BiblioTech App Store.

On Hoopla, patrons are limited to four check outs each month, but right now there are featured "Bonus Borrows" collections, which allow you to borrow an unlimited amount of titles. Be sure to check out the Movie Bonus Borrows collection!

Hoopla has many different ways to help you kick back and chill, from Family Movie Night picks to music from Broadway Musicals and even Bonus Borrows Comics.

We also have a Movies & Chill collection on cloudLibrary featuring books about movies and by movie stars. Check out Movies (and Other Things) by local author and icon, Shea Serrano, as an audiobook or ebook.

What's your favorite movie? Are you a documentary person or more of an action movie aficionado? Head over to our Pub Hub group on Facebook and let us know!



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