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San Antonio Sound Stage

Article Date
May 26, 2022

Are you a local musician? A local music historian? Or just have music to share?

Checkout BiblioTech Public Library's Biblioboard to have your music featured! 

We invite all of our BiblioTech Public Library's patrons and local musicians to listen to or even submit their own wide variety of local music for their community!

Have a collection of local music artifacts in your attic that you aren't sure how to display and share? Upload them to our San Antonio Sound Stage collection!

We want to give world-wide access to a wide variety of local music and more! 

Submit original songs, band photos, album art, song lyrics, music videos, video interviews and other digital ephemera to be featured in on the San Antonio Sound Stage.

Our hope is that this unique and creative digital collection will help San Antonio's amazing local music scene get even more recognition, allow more people to hear fantastic local music and learn about our incredible music history, which spans a variety of music genres and time periods.

Musicians who submit their work will retain all rights to their music and the submission process is free and only takes a few minutes.

Below we've answered some Frequently Asked Questions, but if you have any others, we are happy to answer.

Send us an email at [email protected] anytime. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What file formats are accepted?
    • Audio: MP3 format with a minimum audio quality of 128 kbps
    • Image: album cover art will need to be in JPEG format
    • Video: mp4, mpg, avi, 3gp, flv, divx, webm, ogg
  • Are there royalty payments for music featured on San Antonio Sound Stage?
    • No, there are no royalty payments for music uploaded to San Antonio Sound Stage. Our digital collection will, instead, hopefully promote your music and help you find a larger audience!
  • Can I get paid elsewhere if my music is featured on San Antonio Sound Stage?
    • Bands and musicians are can certainly still get paid for their music and creativity on other platforms. San Antonio Sound Stage is an opportunity for bands and musicians to get additional exposure for their music.
  • Do I give away my rights to my music if I upload it to San Antonio Sound Stage?
    • No, bands and musicians who upload their music onto San Antonio Sound Stage will retain all the rights to their original music.
  • Can my music be removed from San Antonio Sound Stage later?
    • Yes, music can be removed if a band or musician requests removal. All music will stay up on San Antonio Sound Stage unless a request has been submitted to have the music removed. Musicians can contact our Collections & Acquisitions Librarian at [email protected] to have music removed.
  • What if I don’t have my music registered with an ASCAP or BMI (the serial numbers needed for iTunes and Spotify)? Would there be an issue with my music existing elsewhere?
    • No. There should not be an issue. The content that is going up on San Antonio Sound Stage is not affiliated with ASCAP or BMI. There will be no issues or red flags that will arise from having your music on San Antonio Sound Stage and other platforms simultaneously.
  • Can cover songs be uploaded?
    • No. You will only be able to submit original works that you, or your band, retains the rights to.
  • What kind of music can be uploaded?
    • Music of any genre can be uploaded to San Antonio Sound Stage. We really hope bands and musicians from all genres will upload their music so that we have a diverse and exciting collection. So all genres are welcome: rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz, classical, Tejano music, country, etc. Check out the collection we have so far!

For more information and for submission guidelines visit

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