How to Earn Points
Monday, June 01, 2020

Welcome to BiblioTech Public Library's Summer Reading Program for 2020! This year, we're simplifying things to make sure everyone can participate! We'll ask you to read a book, a magazine, a comic, an audiobook and then watch a movie. We would love for you to use the apps in the BiblioTech App Store, but it's okay if you want to read a print book or watch a movie on Netflix! We just want to hear about what you're doing so that we can all stay connected.

As you complete each step on the game board, you'll fill out our Summer Reading Survey to let us know how your progressing. You'll earn points for every item you complete, plus there are ways to earn extra points! Then, we'll have a leaderboard for each age group (Kids, Teens and Adults), and we'll update it twice a month to help you connect with our other participants. We'd also love to talk to you about summer reading on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages!

Need to register for a BiblioTech Public Library card? You can register online and have access to everything in less than two minutes!

Not sure what your card number or password/PIN is, or have any questions? Fill out this form or call 210-289-0963.


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