Tuesday, August 20, 2019

True Crime novels may not be for the faint of heart, but they are a guilty pleasure for many readers. Whether you have dabbled on true crime novels or not, the fact that they are true stories is what makes them so creepily effective and totally addictive. We love ourselves some excellent true crime reads here at BiblioTech, so here are some of our recommendations: 

True Crime has become so popular as of late, that there are entire podcasts, blogs, movies, television shows and other forms of media dedicated to true crime. Popular Mechanics magazine stated in a 2019 article that "Americans have long been sensation-seeking spectators...We watch because we are fascinated by the psychopath, how he or she thinks, what motivates him/her, and what he/she will do next. If we can figure this out, we feel we can be one step ahead of him/her." So, this fascination keeps all true crime lovers yearning for more. 

Some excellent podcasts that we recommend for all of you true crime lovers are:

Some excellent true crime online reads are:

Some excellent true crime movies and documentaries from our hoopla resource are:

Who knows? Maybe you'll love true crime so much that you'll even help solve a case one day. For now, enjoy all of our recommendations above. Happy reading!