Our largest collection of downloadable ebooks and digital audiobooks is on cloudLibrary. This collection features ebooks and digital audiobooks for children, teens and adults. Click to login and download a book today.
This collection features downloadable ebooks and audiobooks for adults, teens and children. Users must register on the Hoopla webpage before being able to log in on the app.
This collection, which features books that are always available and never require users to wait on hold, includes ebooks, but also has historical documents, such as primary sources. Users must register on the BiblioBoard webpage before being able to log in on the app.
This is a small collection that features classic ebooks and audiobooks. These books are always available and never require users to wait on a holds list. Users must register on the rbDigital webpage before being able to log in on the app.

Checking Out Digital Books and Audiobooks

Once you have your library card number and your password/pin, you are ready to check out your first book!


The majority of our ebooks and digital audiobooks are on a platform called cloudLibrary. There are many ways you can access cloudLibrary.

  • You can navigate directly to the cloudLibrary website and login there, using your library card number and the password/pin you set up when during registration.
  • cloudLibrary provides an App Download Guide to help you download the app to your device. Need to borrow a device? Visit our Device Page for more information! 
  • You can search for books on our website, using the search bar on our homepage, and then click Check Out or Place Hold when you find the book you want. To read the book, however, you have to either download the cloudLibrary app or you must log into the cloudLibrary webpage.
  • Users can check out FIVE items from cloudLibrary at a time. Users can keep items for up to 21 days. Items that do not have anyone else waiting for them my be renewed.

You can find out more about using cloudLibrary by watching the cloudLibrary video tutorial.

Hoopla & BiblioBoard

We also have two other resources for ebooks and audiobooks, both of which require you to create an account using your BiblioTech information. These platforms are called Hoopla and BiblioBoard. Both of these resources have a website and an app, but you must go to the website first to create an account, then log into the app. For more information, please watch the Hoopla and BiblioBoard video tutorials.

  • Users can check out FOUR items each month on Hoopla. Ebooks and audiobooks from Hoopla can be kept for up to 21 days. There are no renewals, but you can re-check out the item at any time. 
  • Users can check out an unlimited number of books from BiblioBoard and keep them as long as they would like.


We have a small collection of classic ebooks and audiobooks available from rbDigital. These books are always available. For step-by-step directions on rbDigital, please check out our video tutorial.

For more information about our online resources, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.