A heat map of where BiblioTech hotspots have been checked out in Bexar County
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Did you know that at BiblioTech Public Library you can check out internet access? It's true! Anyone in Bexar County can register for a card and check out a WiFi hotspot from any of our branches for three weeks. These little devices, which are smaller than most cell phones, can connect up to five devices to the internet at a time. You can use them to do anything you need the internet for -- social media, email, school or work.

Since the beginning of May, we have been able to check out these devices to library patrons from all four corners of the county! Check out our heat map of check outs. We've seen patrons from almost every zip code in Bexar County, which is pretty incredible. As a community, addressing our digital divide has become an even more important priority during the pandemic we are currently in, and BiblioTech is proud to be a small part of the solution. We have also been extremely grateful to have partners like Spurs Give to help us fund this hotspot program.

Recently, it was announced that BiblioTech will receive a $49,999 federal grant to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, and we will use this money to continue to fund and expand our hotspot program. "Internet service is invaluable for students’ virtual learning and academic connection, as well as providing full access to our all-digital library," said BiblioTech Director, Laura Cole, speaking about the grant funds.

So, if you need a wireless hotspot, or know someone who does, we can help you out at any of three BiblioTech branches. We can check out one hotspot per house, and we also check out Kindle Fire tablets and can help you access all of our inredible resources, from ebooks and audiobooks to skills-based learning programs. We hope to see you soon.



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